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Die Inside In Order To Be Reborn As A Stronger And Wiser Version Of You.

My Mind Not Only Wanders Sometimes It Leaves Completely.

The Best Teachers are Those Who Show You Where To Look But Don't Tell You What to See.

If It Is Important To You, You will Find a Way. If Not, You will Find An Excuse.

If You Have The Power To Make Someone Happy do It The World need More of That.

My Life Isn't Perfect But I Am thankful for everything that I Have.

Caring People Help Others Not Because They Expect A Reward But Because It Is Natural To Show Kindness

Dear Mind Please Stop Thinking So Much At Night I Need To Sleep.

Never Lose Sleep Over Something That Isn't Worth Staying Awake for.

Vibes Speak Louder Than Words.

Forgive Them Even If they Are Not Sorry.

Not Everyone Will Understand Your Journey That's Okay! You're Here to Live Your Life Not to Make Everyone Understand.

Baby | Doesn't Hate Anyone | Not Prejudiced Or Racist | Don't Teach him to be

You Can't Be Both Awesome And negative choose One.

If You Do What You Always did, You Will Get What You Always Got.

You May Never Understand Why Somethings Happen So Do Not Drive Yourself Crazy Trying

Do No Harm But Take No Shit

Study Nature Stay Close To It And Love It And It Will Never Fail You.

The Therapeutic Power Of Driving And Loud Music

If You Have A Family That Love You A Few Good Friends, Food on the Table Roof Over Your Heard You Are Richer than You Think

A Truly Great Library Contains Something In It to Offend Everyone.

How Can You Worship A Homeless Man on Sunday And Ignore One On Monday.

If You Are Not Willing To Learn No One Can Help You If You Are Determined to Learn No One Can Stop You.

Before You Say Something Stop And Think How You'd Feel If Someone Said It to You.

The Eyes Are Useless When The Mind Is Blind

Only Dead Fish Go With The Flow

People Will Come And Go In Life, But the Right Ones Will Always Stay.

There Is Nothing In This World that Can Trouble you More Than Your Own Thoughts.

Be With Someone Who Brings Out The Best In You Not the Stress In You.

You Can't Change Someone who doesn't See An issue in Their Actions.

Life Is Way Too Short To Spend Another Day at War with Yourself.

Trust Yourself You've Survived A Lot, You'll Survive Whatever is Coming.

I Am As Cold As Ice, But In The Right Hands I Will Melt.

Forgiving Someone May Cost You Your Pride But Not Forgiving them will Cost You Your Freedom.

It Takes Three Seconds to Say I Love you But A lifetime To Prove It.

Caring People Help Others Not because they Expect a Reward But Because it is Natural to Show Kindness.

We Are All One Only Egos, Beliefs And fear Separate Us.

Life Is Way Too Short To Spend Another Day At War With Yourself

All choices You Ever Made In your Life

People With The Most Advice Usually Have The Most Problems.

Always End The Day With A Positive Thought, No Matter How Hard Things Were.

I Like It When I Don't Have To Be Careful about What I Say That's When You know You're With The Right People.

People Will Notice the change in Your Attitude Towards them But Won't Notice Their Behavior That Made You Change

Stand Up For what You Believe In even if it means standing alone

Live Your Dreams And Take Risks Life Is happening now

Mirror | Faces | characters

Overthinking | Dream Killer | Drowning | thoughts |

Difficult Roads often lead to Beautiful Destinations.

You Can't Be Both Awesome And Negative chose One

Not Everyone Will Understand Your Journey | But That's Okay | You Are Here To ...

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