Life's Best Moments Usually Happen Unplanned.

How Beautiful It Is To Find Someone Who Asks For Nothing But For Your Company.

Never Love With The Expectation Of Being Loved Back, That Is Not True Love.

To Make A Difference In Someone's Life You Don't Have To Be Brilliant, Rich, Beautiful Or Perfect. You Just Have To Care.

Life May Not Be The Party We Hope For, But While We Are Here We Should Dance

You Can't Start The Next Chapter If You Keep Reading The Last.

A Person Who Never Made A Mistake Never Tried Anything New.

That's The Problem With Putting Others First, You've Taught them You Come Second.

The Tried To Bury Us They Didn't Know We Were Seeds.

Sometimes People Don't Notice The Things We Do For Them Until We Stop Doing Them

People Want You To Be Real Until You're Real And Say Something They Don't Like

I Never Lose Either I Win Or I Learn.

One Of The Best Gifts You Can Give Someone Is A Genuine Thank You For Being In Your Life.

You Are Not Born A Winner. You Are Not Born A Loser. You Are Born A Chooser.

Past Mistake Should Teach You To Create A Wonderful Future; Not Cause You To Be Afraid Of It

A Person't Energy Can Tell You More About Them than Their Own Words

The Best Way To Find Out If You Can Trust Somebody Is To Trust Them

Knowledge Is Being Aware Of What You Can Do. Wisdom Is Knowing When Not To Do It

Friends Pick Us Up When We Fall Down, and If They Can't Pick Us Up, They Lie Down And Listen For a While.

My Childhood Was Filled With Imagination Instead Of Apps On My Phone And How Many Likes You Can Get On a Picture

Fall In Love With Your Life Before You Fall In Love With Anyone

Being Honest About What You Want. What You Need. What You Feel And Who You Are

You Don't Have To Know Someone Very Long To Truly Care About Them

The World Hunger Is Getting Ridiculous. There Is More Fruit In A Rich Man's Shampoo Than On A Poor Man's Plate

The Right Person Never Stops Showing how Much They Love You Especially Once They Already Have You.

If You Love Someone Showing Them Is Better Than Telling Them

The Answers You Seek Never Come When The Mind Is Busy, They Come When The Mind Is Still

You May Never Understand Why somethings Happen, So Don't Drive Yourself Crazy Trying.

I Don't Know a Perfect Person. I Only Know Flawed People Who Are Still Worth Loving.

The Most Free Person In The World Is The One Who Has Nothing To Hide.

Music Can Cure Things Medication Can't

Sometimes When You Are In A Dark Place You Think You Have Been Buried, But Actually You Have Been Planted.

Don't Look Back You Are Not Going That Way.

Some Of The Best Moments In Life Are The Ones You Can't Tell Anyone About.

Tell A Lie Once And All Your Truths Become Questionable.

Kindness Makes You The Most Beautiful Person In The World, No Matter What You Look Like.